Services pricing


Our prices include braces and complete service according to the "smile in hand" system, without additional charges and surprises.

Fixed therapy with classic metal braces
€2200 €2200
Fixed therapy with metal self-ligating brackets
€2800 €2800
Fixed therapy with aesthetic conventional braces
€2600 €2600
Fixed therapy with aesthetic self-ligating braces
€3000 €3000
Fixed therapy with Damon Clear transparent locks
€3200 €3200
Fixed therapy with Spark Express invisible splints
€2060 €1.545
Fixed therapy with Spark Lite invisible splints
€3060 €2.295
Fixed therapy with Spark Advanced invisible splints
€4000 €3.000

* The stated prices refer to therapy in both jaws with included fixed and mobile retention.

Payment options

Ortolook bonus allows you to pay in installments without the need for a credit card. At the beginning of the therapy, the patient pays 30% of the therapy amount, while the other 70% is paid in installments during the therapy.
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