With classic braces, orthodontists successfully correct all anomalies and create happy smiles for children and adults.


Advantages of classic braces

They are effective in correcting anomalies and creating a beautiful smile
Good price
They are easy to maintain

Classic braces have metal or white/transparent brackets that stick to the teeth and then tighten with elastic bands.

The orthodontist, by adjusting the elastic bands and tightening the wire, encourages the teeth to move to the desired position. Many young people choose colorful rubber bands because they see their colors as a fashion accessory. Classic braces are great for children and young people, but they also give very good results for adults.

The most important factor in the success of orthodontic therapy is not the type of braces – but the knowledge and experience of the orthodontist. In the hands of experts, every brace will do its job well and with quality. And the reverse is also true – not even the most modern braces can replace an expert and responsible orthodontic specialist.


Types of locks

  • metal
  • aesthetic
Classic braces have two types of brackets - metal and aesthetic. The difference is only in visibility - white or transparent locks are less visible.
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Classic aesthetic locks
Classic metal locks
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